At GlamHT, every article we produce is guided by core values:

Prioritizing quality over clicks: The beauty industry is buzzing with information, but we choose to focus only on the most valuable insights. We believe that a captivating headline must be backed by content that enriches and satisfies. Rather than attempting to cover every beauty trend or using misleading titles, we aim to streamline the information that genuinely enhances your beauty routine. We commit to sharing stories that not only inspire but also make you feel acknowledged and assist in advancing your beauty practices, whatever they may be.

Valuing reliable information: At GlamHT, our content is supported by interviews with top industry experts—including dermatologists, physicians, personal trainers, makeup artists, dietitians, and stylists—to ensure the recommendations we make, such as acne solutions or hair health tips, are expert-approved. Our health-related articles are meticulously vetted, featuring insights only from highly qualified professionals like board-certified medical doctors and accredited dietitians and trainers. Furthermore, our articles undergo rigorous fact-checking and reviews by pertinent members of our Beauty & Wellness Review Board. While we explore global wellness trends, even those without extensive scientific support, we commit to clarifying what is clinically proven and what isn’t, providing you with comprehensive information to make informed decisions about treatments and expenditures.

Writers & Sources

At GlamHT, our writers are not just relayers of information; they are experts in their fields. They approach their work with a critical mindset, ask challenging questions, and remain skeptical of the latest beauty and wellness fads. GlamHT ensures that all writers are thoroughly screened for potential biases, conflicts of interest, and experience prior to joining our team. Our contributors bring years of experience in conducting interviews with leading industry figures, enabling them to produce in-depth, evidence-based articles that address the real questions our readers have—accurately and informatively. When you read a GlamHT article, rest assured that the insights come directly from credible sources such as board-certified dermatologists or peer-reviewed medical journals.

At GlamHT, we are committed to delivering thoughtful, well-researched, and high-quality content. We strictly avoid the use of automatically generated content from AI writing tools such as ChatGPT, adhering closely to our guidelines that emphasize original and authentic information.

Editorial Ethics

Like many other beauty publications, GlamHT editors and selected contributors frequently collaborate with beauty PR companies, brands, spas, and salons to enrich our content. These partnerships allow us to remain at the forefront of the latest industry advancements, whether it’s a revolutionary skincare ingredient or an innovative in-office laser treatment poised to become the next big trend.

Despite these collaborations, we maintain a strict policy of integrity: we do not cover any treatments, products, or experiences that we would not personally recommend. Moreover, we do not accept monetary compensation in exchange for coverage. All our experts and contributors are obligated to adhere to the FTC disclosure guidelines, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness in every piece of content we publish.