Few things compare to the joy of assembling an outfit during those initial warm spring days after a long, seemingly endless winter. As you embrace the sunny weather after months indoors, one essential accessory to consider is a chic pair of sunglasses. They not only offer vital UV protection but also shield you from unexpected encounters with an ex or overly bright morning sunshine. Plus, they can instantly elevate any outfit.

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While timeless styles like black wayfarers, minimalist ovals, or wire-framed aviators are always a safe bet, sunglasses are also a low-stakes way to experiment with trends. This year’s styles range from playful, exaggerated frames to literal rose-tinted lenses and sleek classics with subtle twists. Check out these top 10 sunglasses trends of 2024 and welcome spring with a fresh perspective.

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Playful, color-saturated sunglasses in idiosyncratic shapes block the sun with a wink. Whether you’re partial to frameless tinted hearts, beaded frames, or sculptural bursts of acetate in green, yellow, or red, going for the most creative sunglasses style possible is very on-trend and sure to brighten any day.

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The gigantic shades of the early aughts—think baby blue shields and black-lined, ombré lenses that cover half of the face, immortalized by Paris Hilton and the Olsens—are back in a huge way. While Y2K has been resurgent on a general level for a while, this is one specific element we haven’t seen as much of in the 2020s, so it feels fresh heading into a new season.

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Metal-rimmed sunglasses are at once vintage-inspired (the image of Julia Roberts in her brown metal-lined oval sunglasses in the ‘90s is forever in our minds) and a bit futuristic.

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