When the cherished warmth of summer arrives, the allure of applying makeup can wane—it’s often just SPF and out the door. Who wants layers of foundation when a fresh breeze or a bout of humidity is likely to whisk it away? But then, the siren call of vivid colors begins to resonate.

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Summer breathes life not just into nature but into our complexions, giving us all the more reason to embrace the playful artistry of makeup during those lingering golden hours of the evening. It’s the season where color cosmetics truly shine. Read on as we delve into the biggest makeup trends for summer 2024, as forecasted by leading celebrity makeup artists, complete with product recommendations to help you achieve these coveted looks.


The glossy eyelid look, simmering on the edge of makeup trends for some time now, has finally claimed its spotlight for summer 2024.

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Celebrity makeup artist Kasey Spickard explains, “Although glossy lids have been a staple on runways and in editorial shoots for years, they haven’t fully transitioned into everyday wear due to practical challenges—they typically don’t last long, tend to crease, and can end up looking messy.” However, Spickard believes this is all about to change. “With some clever application tricks and the advent of new, more durable formulas, this trend is becoming far more accessible and wearable. A dewy, wet, glossy look is undoubtedly perfect for the laid-back, radiant vibe of summer.”

Grungy Eyes

This summer, the nostalgic vibes of the late ’70s and early ’80s are making a vibrant comeback, featuring palettes of blues and greens alongside dramatic makeup styles. Celebrity makeup artist Renée Loiz highlights this trend with her description of the season’s favored look: “grunge and graphic eyeshadows that are edgy, smoky, and intentionally messy.”

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Anticipation is also building around cinematic influences, particularly with the upcoming release of “MaXXXine.” Celebrity makeup artist Kasey Spickard is excited about the potential impact of the film on summer beauty trends. “With ‘MaXXXine’ set to hit theaters, we expect to see a surge in recreations of Mia Goth’s character, Maxine’s iconic makeup styles. Even the movie trailer alone showcases a wealth of inspiration—draped blush, thin brows, blue eyeshadow, and grungy, smudgy smokey eyes are just a few elements that could dominate this season’s makeup scene,” Spickard notes. This blend of retro inspiration and modern cinematic influence is set to define the aesthetic of Summer 2024.

Berry Stained Lips

Summer’s palette wouldn’t be complete without the vibrant splash of fresh berries, and this year, makeup is taking a cue from this seasonal treat. “We’ve seen a lot of reds, like strawberry and tomato shades, but now there’s a noticeable shift towards berry tones with a purple tint for lips and cheeks,” explains celebrity makeup artist Kasey Spickard. He recently showcased this trend at the Oscars, choosing a bold berry lip for his client Heather McMahan using Maybelline’s SuperStay Ink Crayon in Accept a Dare. “It’s a shift for me personally—I hadn’t been carrying these shades in my makeup kit, but the increasing demand has definitely caught my attention,” he adds.

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For those looking to embrace this trend beyond the natural berry stains from a breakfast of blackberries, Renée Loiz offers additional product suggestions to achieve that perfect berry-toned look for the summer.

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