Every season, we look for new ways to update our wardrobes with the year’s latest trends. This spring and summer, there are plenty of options to explore, from cherry and rose motifs to Formula 1-inspired jackets and a plethora of denim. One of the simplest ways to refresh your look is by upgrading your footwear. While sandals and heels remain warm-weather staples, sometimes a new pair of sneakers can offer trend-setting comfort. Here’s a guide to the top eight sneaker trends for summer 2024, along with standout picks you can shop.

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Adidas has made a strong comeback as a popular footwear brand. The Adidas Samba and its counterparts, including the Gazelle, have become essentials in almost every closet, from TikTok fashion enthusiasts to a variety of celebrities. New York-based stylist Audree Kate López says, “Adidas has been having their moment this year with the season’s must-have sneakers. Whether you’re a fan of the Samba or Gazelle styles, these sneakers are a solid choice for on-trend footwear.”

Remember when all-white Air Force 1s were the must-have sneaker? For summer 2024, sneakers are headed in a more colorful direction. “The era of plain white sneakers is over—welcome to the world of vibrant sneakers,” says López. “This trend began in 2021 with dopamine dressing and the ‘revenge heel,’ and now we see it in the ‘eclectic grandpa’ style. People are enjoying fashion again, embracing color, prints, and not taking things too seriously.”

Any and All Adidas

Adidas has reclaimed the throne of popular footwear. In recent seasons, Adidas Sambas and all their alternatives (including the Gazelle silhouette) have become a staple in almost every closet, from young fashion fans on TikTok to celebrities galore. “Adidas has been having their moment this year with the it-sneakers of the season,” says New York City-based fashion stylist Audree Kate López. “Whether you’re a Samba or Gazelle stan, these sneakers are a sure buy to have a trendy shoe.”

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The beauty of this trend is its versatility. Colorful sneakers complement everything from leggings and jeans to sundresses. Find your favorite pair and start mixing and matching!

Colors Galore

Remember when all-white Air Force 1s were the biggest thing? Sneakers are heading in a more vivid direction for summer 2024. “The era of strictly white sneakers is over—say hello to the colorful sneaker,” López shares. “We first saw this trend in 2021 with dopamine dressing, the revenge heel, and now with ‘eclectic grandpa’—people are having fun with fashion again, [enjoying] color, prints, and not taking things too seriously.”

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The beauty of this trend is that colorful sneakers go with everything, from leggings to jeans to sundresses. Simply pick your favorite and get to pairing.

Court Sneakers

It’s no secret that society loves pickleball and tennis-inspired style, so it should be no surprise that the sport has now reignited the obsession with court sneakers. “Just like fashion, sports and workouts seem to be cyclical, and the current trend is pickleball,” López says.

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“Whether you actually play or just love the courtside fashion aesthetic, court sneakers are the perfect mix between street sneakers and elevated shoes.”

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