After thorough testing of various boob tapes, the Lively Solution Tape stood out as the best performer. Its application was straightforward, it could be removed painlessly, and it stayed in place throughout a 12-hour wedding. For those seeking affordability, the VBT Breast Tape is a great choice. The set includes nipple covers and offers overnight shipping for last-minute needs.

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No matter your stance on the trend of going out tops, you’ll likely encounter situations where a traditional bra isn’t suitable. From plunging necklines to backless dresses, some of the most stylish outfits are challenging to wear without risking a wardrobe malfunction. Boob tape is a practical solution, allowing you to create a custom-fit bra for any ensemble, providing greater lift and cleavage than a standard bra and preventing the slipping of strapless styles.

While boob tape requires a bit more precision than strapless or backless bras, not all tapes are equally effective. We evaluated 14 popular brands to determine which provided reliable support. Each tape was tested for two weeks by two individuals: one with an A-C cup size and another with a D+ chest. They wore the tapes for at least three hours each session and assessed application ease, support, appearance, comfort, and removal. Below are the top boob tapes that have become essentials in our wardrobe.

Best Overall Lively The Solution Tape

Whether you are looking for a tape to give you a major lift or minimal coverage, this boob tape can do it all. Our B-cup tester wanted something to cover her nipples, and this provided the exact coverage she was looking for without moving around, causing irritation, or being noticeable under clothes, even at the end of a 12-hour wedding.

“I cannot stress enough HOW much jumping I was doing at this wedding while wearing these and how sweaty I was and they looked just like they did when I had put them on at noon,” said our B cup tester. Our D cup tester needed more support, but she appreciated how well the tape lifted her chest without being cumbersome. Best of all, the tape was easy (and painless) to put on and take off, and both testers had a ton of the roll left afterward.

Best Value VBT Breast Tape

Out of all the tapes we tested, this one offered the most complete kit. In addition to a roll of tape, you get breast petals, silicone nipple stickers, and double-sided tape to help you solve any fashion emergency, making the set a great value. While the boob tape was slightly painful to remove, you can use the nipple covers for extra protection.

Thanks to how easy it was to apply—it didn’t get stuck to our fingers and we were able to slightly adjust it if we didn’t place it right the first time—it’s great for first-time boob tape users. Plus, it remained invisible under our clothes—even white shirts—and it didn’t shift or unpeel while wearing. Compared to other boob tapes we’ve tried, the material felt softer, lighter, and didn’t make our skin clammy. Our C and G cup chests felt supported and comfortable—what more could we ask for?

Best Longwear Kmboobies Boob Tape

For those occasions where you really need a strong hold tape that will support you all day, we recommend Kmboobies Boob Tape. Take our DD tester, for example. She spent the day commuting back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan, and the tape did not move at all. Not even a corner lifting. Plus, it kept her tube top from slipping down. We also appreciate how the tape comes in various skin tones.

“I would recommend this to my brown and black girlies, especially because there are shade ranges that actually match and blend with our skin tones without having the limitation of either the lightest nude or black,” said our tester. Considering the adhesive’s strength, we worried the tape might be hard to remove, but it actually was fairly pain-free and didn’t leave our skin irritated or covered in residue.

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